Women in Planetary Science: Female Scientists on Careers, Research, Space Science, and Work/Life Balance

I recently stumbled across a couple of really interesting articles about imposter syndrome (the feeling that you are not good enough or smart enough and that at some point everyone is going to figure that out and kick you off the island), which I thought I’d share.  Imposter Syndrome is very common among scientists, particularly female scientists (I know I struggle with it), and knowing other people feel the same way helps, but maybe there is more we can do to help each other.

The first article Could imposter syndrome learn from sports? is by a post-doc with an interesting hypothesis that imposter syndrome is so prevalent in science because scientists in general are afraid to show weakness, we tend to hide our failures from colleagues and students.  As a consequence, it appears that everyone around you is always succeeding and you are the only one that keeps failing.  She…

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