The Higgs Discovery, Boiled Down

Hello from hiatus!  I’m still adjusting to my non-student life, still looking for a job, and still TAing for the time being, but I will get back to blogging, I promise.

In the meantime, you have likely heard the buzz about the Higgs boson findings at CERN, and if you’re anything like me, you had trouble understanding it.  Yes, I am a physicist, but I do not study High Energy or Particle Physics, so I’m not all up with the lingo.  Thus, I turned to my favorite astronomy blogger, Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy, who seems to know about everything, so I will direct you to his post about the Higgs.

Click HERE, dear reader, and be amazed!

Until next time,

Ms. Disarray ❤


One thought on “The Higgs Discovery, Boiled Down

  1. Excellent article! I understand a bit more now. Maybe, after reading it several more times, I’ll understand a lot more. 🙂 This is kind of like explaining Algebra to a First grader.

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