Drunk Planets

Hi folkses, Last weekend whilst stuck in traffic on the way to Sacramento, I was talking (ahem, nerding out) with a friend about data, visualizations, coding, finding our respective niches, doing meaningful work, etc.  At some point, I told him that I began learning Python for the first time when I was but a humble freshman in physics at … Continue reading Drunk Planets


Observational Challenges for the Non-Astronomer

Dearest readers, Last week, I went to a public astronomy observation event and brought my boyfriend along for what turned out to be his first time ever looking through a telescope.  Had I known beforehand that this would be his first time, I'd have prepared him. I can sense that you just quizzically raised an … Continue reading Observational Challenges for the Non-Astronomer

White Dwarf Supernovae: Standard Lampposts on Dark Energy Road

My dear readers, This special post is part of the Carnival of Cosmology: Dark Energy, hosted by Galileo's Pendulum, a fellow astronomy blog I discovered less than 12 hours ago, as of the writing of this post. To begin, I'm going to give a very brief background about dark energy in general, and then I'll … Continue reading White Dwarf Supernovae: Standard Lampposts on Dark Energy Road

Just so you know, “annulus” means “ring”

Annular eclipse - almost there!

Hello, fellow Earthicans, On the evening of May 20, 2012, some lucky sky searchers got to see a relatively rare event - an annular solar eclipse.  In my searching for how to explain to my dear mother why this wasn't a "total solar eclipse" I found this site which does an amazing job, so I … Continue reading Just so you know, “annulus” means “ring”

Darwin : Biology :: Galileo : Astronomy

Evolution is so incredibly beautiful!  Soak yourself in this video, the Millennium Simulation of dark matter in the relatively local Universe: From the website of the creators: "The movie shows a journey through the simulated universe. On the way, we visit a rich cluster of galaxies and fly around it. During the...movie, we travel a … Continue reading Darwin : Biology :: Galileo : Astronomy